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Expert.ai Wins ‘Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Partner of the Year’ at the Central Banking Fintech & Regtech Global Award 2020

4 November 2020

The award recognizes Borsa Italiana’s implementation of the expert.ai platform for identifying potential risks and improving information processing and decision making.

Expert.ai today announced that it was recognized as the “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Partner of the Year” by the Central Banking Fintech & Regtech Global Awards 2020. The prestigious honor recognizes the applicability of the expert.ai platform to leverage financial data for analysis and decision making, as exemplified in its implementation in Borsa Italiana, the  Italian Stock Exchange.

“Expert.ai have provided central banks and regulators with a platform that can understand textual data with human-like comprehension. In today’s environment, where traditional data metrics are reported too slowly for decision making, this type of technology is extremely valuable,” said Rachael King, Chair of the FinTech & RegTech Global Awards and Associate Editor for Central Banking.

The expert.ai platform helps Borsa Italiana reduce the average processing time of unstructured information while simplifying access to relevant data with precision, accuracy and completeness. By using expert.ai artificial intelligence for language understanding, Borsa Italiana analysts can streamline the analysis of information on companies, intermediaries, financial instruments and other sources in real time.

“The ability to identify risks is key to both protecting regulated markets as well as making our information processes more effective and efficient,” said Astridel Radulescu, Head of Markets SupervisionBorsa Italiana – the Italian Stock Exchange. “The expert.ai artificial intelligence platform augments our ability to monitor trading activity and enables our analysts to quickly identify relevant content or potentially critical issues. This streamlines our search effort and analysis capability across very large amounts of data such as unstructured or natural language-based information collected from a wide range of sources including the internet.”

Borsa Italiana uses the expert.ai platform to simplify access to data, reducing the time required to process documents with a high level of accuracy. Analysts can select news of interest from thousands of items, both in Italian and English, and from various sources of internal and external information to make more timely and informed decisions on high-value issues.

“We are proud of winning the Central Banking FinTech & RegTech Global Awards,” said Keith C. Lincolnexpert.ai CMO. “This award outlines Borsa Italiana’s  innovative approach   in collecting and processing time-sensitive information that impacts financial markets, and recognizes expert.ai as an innovative and trusted AI partner fostering efficiency within fintech.”