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Expert IQ Report: Who is Elena Ferrante?

Is it Anita Raja or Domenico Starnone (as recent reports have claimed)?

Here’s what the Cogito semantic technology discovered when it compared Ferrante’s writing style with that of Anita Raja, Domenico Starnone, Marco Santagata and Goffredo Fofi.

The name Elena Ferrante is known worldwide. While her best-selling four-part series known as the Neapolitan Novels has sold millions of copies around the world, the author’s true identity is still unconfirmed.

According to the most recent research, Elena Ferrante could be Anita Raja, the award-winning translator who also works for Ferrante’s Italian publishing house Edizioni e/o. However, with no confirmation from Ferrante, Raja or the publishers, the question “Who is Elena Ferrante?” remains a mystery.

At Expert System, this is just the sort of mystery that we love, because, without delving into matters of privacy, our analysis relies on the only real clues that we have: the language that Ferrante uses in her published works. And it is from this perspective that we explore the question: by analyzing the language and style of writing, who is Elena Ferrante?

The analysis was made using Expert System’s Cogito semantic technology to compare the literary style of Elena Ferrante (in Italian) with that of four of the most cited candidates behind the Ferrante pseudonym: Translator Anita Raja, Raja’s husband and author Domenico Starnone, novelist Marco Santagata and essayist Goffredo Fofi.

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