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Expert System Adds Semantic Search for Twitter Users

23 June 2009

Semantic Technology Conference, 6-16-2009

San Jose, CALIF., SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE – June 16, 2009 – Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies and interprets unstructured text information, today announces it has developed a new semantic search Web site for Twitter content. Using Expert System’s COGITO ® engine, tagging hash-tag topics and Twitter users is quick, accurate, and able to locate everything from traditional Web content to social media comments.

“The site is intended for users to avoid the lengthy process of reviewing ‘who said what’ twithin a hash tag before deciding to join, respond or read further”, said Luca Scagliarini, vice president of business development at Expert System. “This site graphically shows what people are talking about topically and who is talking about those things most intensively. In this way, a rich understanding of the hash-tag composition is revealed without resorting to the cumbersome review process using the current Twitter interface.

Semantic technology makes more accurate Twitter hash-tag search possible since it understands the conversations categorically no matter how varied authors express themselves. For example, in a hash tag about global warming, one “tweet” may express the thought that “poverty causes global warming,” while another may express the idea that “global warming causes poverty.”

Current keyword technology in virtually all Twitter interfaces would not be able to distinguish between these two very different concepts since the same words are used. However, Expert System’s semantic COGITO ® engine understands and records the logic of what causes what.

“It is said there is wisdom in crowds”, Scagliarini said. “Semantic technology can understand as humans do, and cut across the infinite ways of expressing similar things, tally them up and display the wisdom that crowds possess. Expert System built this site to demonstrate that the capture, enhancement and documentation of social wisdom is facilitated by semantic technology.”

Policy makers, researchers, and everyday users will find the value of Twitter much more apparent with the Expert System site. The company has applied the same technique to a variety of public and private information sets to gain efficiencies, new understanding, and early warnings about the world around us. For access to the Twitter semantic search site, contact Brooke Aker, CEO of Expert System USA at [email protected]

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