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Expert System and Atex: strategic partnership for the Media Industry

12 October 2015

Modena, Milan, October 12 2015

– Cogito semantic technology and Atex innovative solutions “team up” to offer a value added solution to the media industry

Expert System (EXSY.MI), the leader in multilingual cognitive computing technology for the effective management and exploitation of unstructured information and Atex, the leading global software provider for media-rich enterprises are announcing today a strategic partnership, to bring to the editorial market semantic technologies that will optimize content management workflows for publishers and journalists.

Cogito semantic technology automatically enriches online content with links and references that facilitate readers in navigation through web site contents, increasing site visits, retention time and thus increasing revenues through readers’ loyalty. Cogito Content recommendation advanced algorithms improve the reader experience, making it more complete, contextualised and personalised.

The integration of Expert System’s Cogito and the Atex Digital Media platform help optimise the production and management of content, reducing costs for publishing on all channels: web, mobile, app and print. Editors are facilitated in their daily work by functions such as semantic search, automatic tagging and categorization that help organize and repurpose content in a multichannel environment.

“The partnership with Atex gives us the opportunity to offer to the international editorial market streamlined and efficient solutions to manage the digital revolution and to be more competitive,” said Bruno Bassi, Expert System Senior Account Manager. “With the integration of our semantic technology and the Atex platform, publishers can easily use the most innovative semantic technologies for information management, improving their processes and with more opportunities to monetize their assets”

“Modern publishers have huge amounts of assets and they need to publish them on a variety of different channels, and the number of channels increases steadily” added Gian Camillo Vezzoli, Atex Marketing Director. “With fewer available resources, they need tools that are both simple and efficient. This is nothing new, the difference today is that technologies finally allow the consolidation of all content related workflows in a single platform. Finding and using so many assets can be difficult if they are not properly indexed, categorized and tagged. This has led us to choose Expert System’s Cogito: the most efficient solution to add value to the publishers’ assets.”