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Expert System and Citec Voice: Integrating Text and Voice

22 June 2006

Jun 26, 2006

Innovate and collaborate: A combination to develop an effective growth strategy. This is the objective of the new partnership between Expert System and Citec Voice (http://www.citecvoice.it/), companies developing technologies to manage information in written and spoken form.

Expert System, focused for many years in the development of a linguistic technology based on semantics, develops solutions for the management of unstructured textual information. It is the leader in the Italian market and is growing in the European and US markets.

Citec Voice, of the Citex Group, the exclusive distributor in Italy of Loquendo, over the years has developed significant experience in the design of technology for the analysis of the spoken word. Today they are offering value added solutions for the telecommunications industry and customized solutions for enterprises and government institutions.

Commenting on the newly formed partnership, Pierluigi Zambaldo, General manager of Citec Voice, says: “Expert System has developed a very advanced technology to facilitate the self directed access to information using natural language in textual form. This technology can be used stand-alone in applications that use text based interfaces, but it can maximize its potential if used in voice-based interfaces that are significantly easier to use. We believe that by integrating the two technologies we will be able to build a new generation of applications able to address the market requests, that is, systems that automatically answer to requests by the users in naturally spoken language.”

“Citec Voice has vast experience in developing systems based on voice technologies designed to address the specific needs of the customers,” added Stefano Spaggiari, CEO of Expert System S.p.A. “Our partnership will allow us to provide great value to our customers. By putting together our specific and different knowledge and expertise, we can create innovative solutions able to integrate modules to elaborate at the same time textual information and voice signals. We have a very challenging but potentially highly rewarding path ahead of us. Working together we can offer unique, competitive, products that help us to address the need of a market that is currently unable to find complete and articulate solutions to address its needs.”