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Expert System Announces Automated Support For Google’s Rich Snippets Semantic Web Specifications

23 June 2009

Semantic Technology Conference, 6-16-2009

San Jose, CALIF., SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE – June 16, 2009 – Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies and interprets unstructured text information, today announces support for Google’s Rich Snippet Semantic Web Specifications with automated RDFa. Using Expert System’s COGITO ® engine, tagging is quick, accurate, and able to process all forms of unstructured electronic content including Web pages, documents, PDFs, social media and more.

“With Google’s current RDFa, Web masters must manually index their pages so product reviews, product ratings, authors, companies and organizational information will be included beyond the current metadata”, said Brooke Aker, CEO of Expert System USA. “This is simply not practical. There are roughly 1 billion new Web pages created every day. We estimate that it would take 25 percent more work every day for every IT professional on the planet to manually tag those pages with RDFa.”

Using Expert System’s COGITO ® engine, RDFa tags can be added at a rate of 60 KB of text per second with a precision of 90 percent or more. The technology has been in use in with more than 100 corporate customers and government organizations over the last five years alone. Expert System estimates that a less than 1 percent increase in the worldwide current server capacity would be needed to fully automate the semantic tagging of all new daily Web content. The company explains this would include far more tagging than is currently specified by Google.

“We anticipate Google will expand the specification of their Rich Snippet RDFa currently supported, which means the problem of manual tagging will only get worse”, Aker said. “Excellent automation is now available and Web masters and publishers should feel confident that they can enhance and monetize their content with semantic tagging, without resorting to expensive and time-consuming manual tagging.”

RDF and RDFa are two of the W3C’s semantic Web standards. Expert System applauds Google for embracing these standards and feels it is a big step forward for this new form of the Web where every word, sentence and paragraph can is available on the page rather than a slim set of metadata.

“For full adoption and to make this valuable, connected and smart new Web a reality, Google will need a true semantic inference engine”, Aker said. “We know we have created one such technology platform to make this happen and are proud to support the Google Rich Snippet specification along with other semantic Web standards.”

To review Expert System’s COGITO ® engine, its support for Google Rich Snippets, or the other semantic Web standards, contact Brooke Aker at [email protected]