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Expert System Announces Cogito Intelligence API for Government and Corporate Intelligence

24 April 2013

24 Apr 2013

Expert System, the semantic technology company, today introduces its newest solution, the Cogito Intelligence API, bringing advanced semantic functions to enable Government and Corporate Security analysts to access and exploit their most strategic sources of information.

Cogito Intelligence API is available for free proof of concept testing, with volume pricing and annual subscription levels. The API enables Government, Intelligence, Law Enforcement Agencies and enterprise Corporate Security functions to add semantic processing, text mining, categorization and tagging features to their analysis platforms and applications for faster evaluation of intelligence data. The API supports analysis of documents, web pages, social media and any large data sets or real-time information streams, bringing efficiency and speed to the process of acquiring, managing and sharing information, and accelerating the decision-making process.

Features Include:

  • Content Categorization with specialized classification for Intelligence, Law Enforcement Agencies and Geography
  • Entity and Relationships Extraction with a focus on the Intelligence domain (world leaders, terrorist organizations, organized crime, unconventional weapons, geographic locations, etc.)
  • Name Recognition, Normalization and Identity Matching to support identification

Through an understanding of meaning and context in the processing of data, Cogito distinguishes between the diverse streams of intelligence information, resolving ambiguities more effectively than keyword or statistics-based solutions.

“The volume and diversity of information available today creates a challenge for the best analysts and the best technologies. Cogito Intelligence API delivers all of the features that analysts need to support decision making at the speed of real-time events,” said Andrea Melegari, COO, Intelligence Division, Expert System. “Understanding the contextual relevance of information is where semantic technology excels, and this gives our customers a significant advantage for unlocking the true value of their data.”

Visit www.intelligenceapi.com to take our online demo and to learn more.