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Expert System Announces Integration with Apache Solr for Enterprise Search

23 January 2013

23 Jan 2013

Expert System announced the full integration of its Cogito® semantic platform with the Apache Solr™ open source enterprise search platform. Through the integration with Cogito, organizations using Apache Solr will be able to enhance their technology investment by delivering faster, more precise access to big data and enterprise content.

Cogito exceeds the limits of traditional search and provides a deep understanding of words by fully understanding their meaning in context. Backed by a powerful semantic network enhanced by vertical knowledge for the most important sectors (finance, security, oil and gas, etc.), Cogito ensures higher precision and recall than traditional systems.

The goal of enterprise search is to be able to ensure quick and effective access to content regardless of form. With Cogito, organizations are able to create order and structure in their information by tagging each document based on the relevant taxonomy and ontologies. Cogito enables Apache Solr users to take advantage of extracted metadata to more easily connect and deliver even disparate types of content, providing new facets for guided navigation and categorization of topics for overall improved search relevance.

“As more organizations recognize the opportunity presented by their information streams, it is important they understand that there are advanced tools that can improve the performance of their existing enterprise content and search investment,” said Luca Scagliarini, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Expert System. “Semantic technology not only excels in making search and information management more accurate, but it also allows organizations to improve the quality of their information for use in the decision making process.