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Expert System Announces Newest Release of Cogito Cognitive Platform

9 February 2017

Cogito 14 accelerates business transformation and simplifies the adoption of artificial intelligence

– Expert System, the leader in cognitive technology for the effective management of unstructured information, continues its growth strategy focused on innovation and product differentiation with its newest release of the Cogito platform – Cogito 14.  This release further simplifies robotic process automation and advanced information intelligence applications.

By leveraging the synergy from Expert System’s Cogito Labs and other resources from recent acquisitions, this release adds new languages and features:

Cogito Studio
A comprehensive development environment that allows users to directly customize the core Cogito technology, Cogito Studio makes projects easier and faster to implement. It now includes Cogito Studio Express, an easy to use web application that makes it simple for end-users to design and maintain their taxonomy/ontology and govern the text analytics process.

Cogito Knowledge Graph
Cogito Knowledge Graph embeds millions of concepts, their lexical forms, properties and relationships, helping to precisely disambiguate the meaning of words and expressions contained in text. Now enriched with new domains such as finance and biopharma, Cogito Knowledge Graph also leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms that help enrich its knowledge automatically from text, with or without supervision from subject matter experts.

Cogito API
Now benefitting from an extended version of its native API, Cogito simplifies the development and integration of Cogito-based applications with other existing platforms or architectures, further accelerating implementation.

Providing streamlined customization and implementation while maintaining Cogito’s characteristically high accuracy, Cogito 14 offers businesses a higher return on investment for their AI initiatives.

“Artificial intelligence is frequently talked about in vague terms and outside a business context,” commented Marco Varone, President and CTO, Expert System. “This new release of Cogito brings us great satisfaction because it allows concrete savings in terms of time and resources for improving strategic processes and for increasing efficiency for activities that leverage textual information.”