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Expert System Announces Release of the Cogito Search Explore Engine

6 June 2011

7 June 2011

Expert System today announces the release of the new Cogito Search Explore Engine, which includes powerful new features that address all the ways enterprises access data and information.

The way consumers and enterprises are accessing information is changing. Not only is there a need to access and manage information stored in the traditional internal  sources, but organizations must be able to effectively manage and capture intelligence from the streams of information coming in from every direction. Without semantic technology, traditional enterprise search is unable to extract value from the stream, which means leaving a great deal of critical information behind. Semantic tagging creates the ability to not only capture the information important to the enterprise, but to filter data to further refine and enhance discovery in results.

“With the overwhelming amount of information available today, there is an unprecedented need to be able to cut through the noise and capture the information that is most important to you,” said Luca Scagliarini, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Expert System. “Semantic is the only technology that can really help companies take advantage of all the information available via the real-time web, and it’s the only technology that will be able to filter the noise for the conversations, the patterns and sentiment that is important to you.”

Built on the patented, award-winning Cogito semantic platform, Cogito SEE meets the new needs of enterprise search—not just accessing information, but intercepting the critical and the relevant from all the streams of information available. By combining the benefits of semantic tagging and semantic-based text comprehension, Cogito SEE allows the enterprise to leverage all the information organizations have access to and require to drive business strategies.

Cogito SEE provides the enterprise with revolutionary access to information, enabling complex analysis with the same ease of basic search, but with the power of semantic tagging and categorization, which improves access to content and enables data filtering for more precise results. Cogito SEE provides customers with:

  • A unique point of access to structured and unstructured information including newsfeeds, social networks and other internet sources.
  • An innovative, easy to use interface that enables intuitive, visual navigation of tags, facets, as well as interaction with search results to discover new connections and data.
  • Semantic search capability for Multilanguage content.
  • Automatic and customizable report generation to monitor and share evolving search details and results.

For More Information:
Visit us at the Semantic Technology Conference in booth #306 for a demonstration and more information.

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