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Expert.ai Artificial Intelligence for Public Health

5 September 2017

Cogito Labs from Expert System use cognitive computing to support the fight against tumors, more efficiently manage patient data and reduce healthcare costs

– Health and well being are among the top priorities for Expert System’s Cogito Labs in Europe. Artificial intelligence brings accurate, timely and complete management to the ever increasing quantities of medical data and documents that could be useful for health management.

Expert System’s R&D activities are focused on two main areas: simplifying the analysis, correlation and sharing of information useful for determining the effectiveness of treatments; and making health evaluation processes faster and more comprehensive, from improving the quality of care in clinical processes to better cost control for administrative functions.

“We think that the era of ‘Dr. Robot’, equipped with the intelligence, sensibility and creativity typical of a medical professional, still seems far away,” said Filippo Nardelli, Business Development & Senior Consultant, Expert System. “However, there are already many contexts where automation processes supported by AI are helping take a valuable step toward better health for all.”

Expert System’s Cogito Labs are engaged with the following ongoing projects:

  • The OncoSNIPE® program is using artificial intelligence to help identify and qualify patients who are resistant to cancer treatments in order to model resistance mechanisms, identify biomarkers, discover new therapeutic targets and generate the knowledge needed to create a precision medicine approach dedicated to patients who are resistant to cancer treatments.
  • S-Grouper is a tool that applies semantic analysis to documents (such as discharge papers and other documentation) to support activation of automated coding procedures for hospital activities. It also fosters improved quality for administrative and clinical governance processes.
  • TENECO, a tele-neurosurgery support system, is designed to store, classify, search and process all patient data (from hospitalization to final outcomes including rehabilitation) for welfare, clinical-surgical and statistical purposes.
  • The Pasteur project is based on a platform that, thanks to the Cogito cognitive technology, will identify and rate the trustworthiness of medical news and information published on the web.


Participation in research projects is strategic for Expert System. It allows us to contribute to research in the medical field where experimentation can transform and innovate new technologies and products. For more information about Cogito Labs, visit our website at https://devexpertai.wpengine.com/products/cogito-cognitive-technology/cogito-labs/