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Expert System Brings the Advantages of Semantic Technology to Eni

16 April 2007

Eni success story, 4-24-2007

Expert System has partnered with Eni for the application of its Cogito® semantic platform in strategic activities in order to optimize knowledge management and enhance intelligence activity, such as technological monitoring of competitors and scenario analysis.


The collaboration between Expert System and Eni is active in many fields. It enables knowledge workers that deal with strategic activities the ability to rapidly and effectively gather information that is otherwise inaccessible with traditional search technologies. Moreover, it offers a viable solution to the problem of “information overload”.


The semantic based knowledge processing implemented by Eni makes the tools of analysis intelligible to, and consistent with the mental processes of knowledge workers. Compared to traditional technologies for knowledge management, Cogito enhances productivity and is more effective in processing both English and Italian texts. Moreover, it is customizable according to specific needs including the field of management technological innovation.