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Expert System CTO to blog at SemanticaMente

17 June 2007

The blog network of Il Sole 24 Ore, 6-18-2007

Nòva100, a new blog network designed by the editors of Nòva (Il Sole 24 Ore) is now online and includes contributors addressing a range of topics, from research, to innovation, and creativity. Marco Varone founder and CTO, Expert System, will also contribute to Nòva100 with his blog, “SemanticaMente,” which will focus on the difficulties and challenges of information recovery.


“I’m very interested in the relationship between computers and knowledge and I think that if computers were just a little smarter (more intelligent is not possible), it would not be so difficult to find and manage knowledge,” Varone said. “Despite the huge amount of progress and the incredible computing and calculation capacity that has now been achieved with computers, when it comes to managing information, we end up being more frustrated than satisfied. Thus, we find ourselves wasting time conducting Internet searches or not being able to use what information we already have simply because we cannot remember where a certain file is located or because we cannot recall the keyword to find an old important email.”
“Since my work entails finding and giving a concrete answer to all of these problems, I have gladly accepted to be part of the 100 innovative bloggers: this is an interesting opportunity to try to address, in a practical way, technology and products available for unstructured data management, and consequently to relate about my experience in the realm of semantic technology and handling natural language.”

Visit SemanticaMente at: http://marcovarone.nova100.ilsole24ore.com/