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Expert System Delivers the First Semantic Software for Text Mining of Notarial Deeds

22 July 2008

In collaboration with SAPES, 7-24-2008

Expert System, leading provider of semantic software, which discovers, classifies and interprets text information, has developed “Drawing up Deeds – Discover”, an innovative solution for the analysis and automatic extraction of information contained in notarial deeds.

Developed in collaboration with SAPES, the leading company in automation for notary offices, and together with Certia Research Center and the Faculty Chair of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy, “Drawing up Deeds – Discover” is the first semantic software able to understand the language used for the drawing up of legal documents and in particular, capture the most relevant concepts and entities of notarial deeds.

How Drawing up Deeds – Discover works

Drawing up Deeds – Discover, which contains the Cogito semantic software, simplifies the drawing up of deeds and identifies and extracts automatically from the finished texts all the information useful for the following activities, or for researches on people, addresses, dates, prices, etc.

In a specific deed, for example, Discover can isolate immediately the names contained in the text, the type of building with the corresponding address, the price, the amount of a possible loan with the related bank, etc.

Thanks to semantic analysis, each entity is individuated, selected and extracted with high precision, according to the logical role in the sentences of the text.

“Deeds – Discover represents an interesting example of semantic text mining,” says Maurizio Mencarini, Account Manager of Expert System, “Extracting names or organizations, addresses and numbers from the text elements is a task that can be easily performed with various tools. But only with an advanced semantic technology it is possible to know automatically who does what, what costs how much, who buys from whom, and for what price.”