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Expert System Develops Semantic Search Engine for Wolters Kluwer Italy

11 June 2013

11 June 2013

Expert System and GMDE, a systems integrator and solution provider for the publishing market, today announced their collaboration for the successful implementation of an innovative semantic solution for Wolters Kluwer Italy.

Wolters Kluwer Italy, part of the Wolters Kluwer group that makes publishing products, solutions and software, integrated Expert System’s Cogito®, the semantic platform to improve access to information on its online portal for legal and public sector professionals.

Cogito makes search more effective by expanding search criteria with suggestions and synonyms and sorting results by relevance, while simultaneously querying multiple archives and retrieving all relevant content with a single click. Backed by Expert System’s semantic technology, Cogito understands the meaning of words in context, allowing users to search in natural, everyday language without relying on keywords or operators (AND, NOT, etc.) as with traditional search engines.

“The introduction of advanced semantic search functions makes access to our content easier and enhances our offering of products and services,” said Gaetano Falcone, Electronic Publishing Manager, Wolters Kluwer Italy. “Our customers can now search our extensive archive and quickly and intuitively retrieve their content of interest.”

“Search applications that are able to understand the nuances of everyday language and ensure the most relevant results, are advantages that only a semantic approach can guarantee because it has a contextual understanding of the meaning of content,” said Luca Scagliarini, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Expert System. “By choosing our technology, Wolters Kluwer Italy offers customers a better user experience and improved efficiency through the convenience of always having what they need.”

“The scope of this project confirms ability of advanced technologies for helping publishers leverage their assets in the most dynamic way, ensuring an immediate and safe return on their technology investment,” said Carlo Caporizzi, CEO, GMDE.