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Expert System Enriches its offering for finance and insurance

6 October 2016

The application of Cogito’s artificial intelligence for the automation of operational processes brings greater efficiency to banking and insurance companies

– Expert System (EXSY.MI), the leader in cognitive technology for the effective management of unstructured information, has enriched its offering for the finance and insurance sector by extending the capabilities of the cognitive Cogito technology to new areas such as insurance claims management.

Based on the ability to understand the meaning of text, Cogito’s intelligence improves the efficiency of activities based on the management and correlation of information. It allows access to and use of information in real time, with the highest possible accuracy. In the insurance sector, for example, Cogito simplifies claims management and limits the use of resources for repetitive, low value activities. In turn, Cogito offers a range of benefits, including reduced margins of error and operating times, and increased timeliness and satisfaction to improve the overall quality of customer relations.

“Claims, support requests and other customer interaction data are strategically important in banking and insurance,” said Daniel Mayer, CEO, Expert System Enterprise. “Our artificial intelligence solutions deliver game-changing acceleration and reliability to decision making processes, enabling increased customer satisfaction.”

The new offering for strengthening Expert System’s finance and insurance services and solutions was announced at the European insurance event, “Insurance Analytics Europe” (October 5-6 in London), and highlighted in the conference session “How Cognitive Computing Will Disrupt and Innovate Insurance”.

More information about the session and the complete event agenda is available at: http://events.insurancenexus.com/insuranceanalyticseu/conference-agenda.php