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Expert System and Esri Consolidate Their Partnership

17 January 2017

The combination of Expert System’s artificial intelligence tools for information analysis with Esri’s platform for managing spatial and geo-reference data offers advanced intelligence and geolocation solutions for enterprises and government agencies.

– Expert System, the leader in cognitive technology for the effective management of unstructured information, and Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics technology, have consolidated their partnership based on the integration of the Esri ArcGIS platform with the cognitive Cogito technology from Expert System, extending it worldwide.
The partnership is a natural evolution of the successful working relationship between Expert System and Esri Italia.

The shared competencies of Expert System’s expertise in the analysis of information and Esri’s technology for processing spatial and georeference data offers effective support for intelligence analysts in any organization (from public sector organizations to companies in utilities, energy, finance or any sector).

The ability to automatically extract and visualize entities, facts and emotions from any information flow that contains text written in natural language in geographic information systems (GIS) is essential for understanding the what, when and where of events as they are happening. This is a fundamental competency for both tactical and strategic analysis.

“The partnership with Expert System is an important step in building ever-stronger solutions for managing and optimizing Big Data,” commented Emilio Misuriello, CEO, Esri Italia. “Together, our advanced geospatial analysis technology and Cogito’s capacity for analyzing information flows is a winning combination, and a key for success for organizations that must manage and interpret unstructured data. This partnership further strengthens our long relationship with Expert System and allows us to continue to provide valuable solutions for our customers.”

“Our extensive experience in information management allows us to quickly create high-value solutions, which are often based on important technological synergies,” commented Andrea Melegari, SEVP, Defense, Intelligence & Security, Expert System. “We are very pleased with our partnership with Esri. Combining a cognitive approach with geography is an innovation that responds to the needs of users for improving analysis activities that correlate unstructured georeference information flows from Cogito with other layers of an organization’s data in a single tool.”

An understanding of text (made possible by Expert System’s semantic technology) and the ability to process spatial and georeference data allows government or corporate security analysts to manage internal and external information flows in real time. This supports more effective management of investigative activities, and improves asset protection and target discovery.