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Expert System for Fideuram Assicurazioni

16 November 2005

Nov 17, 2005

COGITO® Categorizer, the solution by Expert System, enables to classify documents by sorting them automatically according to their content. In fact Fideuram Assicurazioni (

http://www.aipassicura.com/AIP/common/homeFA.jsp has implemented this solution to automate the processing and categorization of the requests sent by the customers, both in e-mail and paper format (the latter being previously processed by the a software for the optical recognition of the text).

Relying on specific modules for semantic and linguistics analysis, the implemented solution automatically links each incoming request to a specific policy number, extracting the name of the contractor, insured person or annuitant; moreover, by interpreting the content of the text, the system assigns it to a specific category according to the requests, and proposes suggestions for the answer, a very useful function to simplify the procedures carried out by the operator in charge of the activity.