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Expert System highlighted in IDC white paper

6 September 2006

Sep 07, 2006

Expert System semantic technology is featured in a newly released white paper published by IDC, the global provider of market intelligence. The paper, “Quality and Value in the Management of Unstructured Information: Tools Based on Semantic Analysis” underlines how semantic technology does not just “search for” and “find” information, but takes it a step further to grasp the “meaning of the content.”


In the paper, IDC describes the advantages of using Cogito®, “the product of Expert System’s years of experience in applying linguistics to information technology,” to increase the value through the development of effective business processes leveraging the results of deep analysis of the information available. The white paper highlights the advantages that text mining systems based on semantics bring to different organizations’ business processes: from customer relationship management, where semantics optimize and enable new kinds of services, to the product development process, where it makes the process of search and retrieval more effective facilitating the overall process, to the area of market intelligence, where text mining helps understand the competitive scenario and support the strategic process (through the automatic monitoring of consumer opinions and competitors activities from open sources like forum, websites and blogs.)


A concrete example of the advantages offered by Cogito comes from the R&D division of one of the world’s largest oil companies: “With Cogito by Expert System, it found an especially incisive tool for handling the requirements of “unconventional” text-based searching.” Cogito semantic technology has translated the company’s information into an important growth opportunity: by simplifying and making more effective the access and the analysis of patent related documents, by integrating the intranet portal with functions of search and archiving based on concepts, and offering an analysis tool for the external sources through constant monitoring.


“I am very happy that IDC confirms what our customers have been saying all along, which is the main reason why they renew their trust in our capability” said Stefano Spaggiari, CEO, Expert System. “Our semantic approach allows us to address our customers’ needs for flexibility and to take full advantage of the greater amount of unstructured information available everyday.”