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Expert System joins ECSO, the leading European organization for cyber security

3 November 2016

The European Cyber Security Organisation supports European cyber security initiatives according to the Horizon 2020 guidelines

– Expert System today announced that it has joined the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). Founded in 2016 in Brussels, ECSO focuses on bringing together key stakeholders in a single organization to guide cyber security strategies at the European level. ECSO is committed to promoting research and innovation in digital security and to combatting all forms of crime that leverage digital channels.

The organization’s first objective is to create a “European Cyber Security Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda” that, once approved by the Horizon 2020 program committee, will be the focal point for all investments in the cyber security sector, starting from an investment of approximately €450 million, with the goal of generating up to €1.8 billion of investments by 2020.

“According to the most recent industry information, 4 out of 5 European companies experienced a cyber attack in 2015,” said Maurizio Mencarini, EMEA Head of SalesIntelligence Division, Expert System. “This is an astonishing statistic that underscores the fact that cyber security impacts everyone: Businesses, government, essential services providers such as heath and energy, but also online markets that must be able to guarantee the security of their infrastructure. Therefore, we are proud to make our experience available to ECSO and to help stimulate interest in the most advanced and intelligent technologies. The ability to effectively analyze data is a key element for assessing events, situations and threats.”

The primary scope of ECSO is to promote research, development and innovation to support the European cyber security industry, including: Support and promotion of European cyber security solutions to drive a European Digital Single Market; facilitating communication within the European cyber security industry and increasing the demand for their services and products; strengthening of European strategic autonomy for cyber security; increasing the competitiveness of European industry for cyber security on the global market; development of European solutions for infrastructure protection and services for cyber space and single digital market protection.