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Expert System Launches COGITO SIMS

6 May 2007

The first advanced linguistic SDK, 5-10-2007

Expert System, the leading provider of Semantic Intelligence software, announced today the launch of COGITO® SIMS, Semantic Intelligence Management System. COGITO® SIMS streamlines the development of applications to understand, discover, and classify information contained in unstructured text, as well as to review, normalize and automatically enhance metadata – through the extraction of named entities, relations, and event related data trapped in a text.

The new COGITO® SIMS SDK (Software Development Kit) is directed to OEM customers and system integrators. It is simple to use and it includes a declarative language and intuitive user interfaces to enable programmers who do not possess extensive computational or linguistic experience to develop advanced search, categorization and text analysis applications.

The most important innovation introduced by COGITO® SIMS is the set of tools

designed to easily

  • develop linguistic rules to extract data and/or categorize documents
  • customize the semantic network
  • allow the client to manage their knowledge base autonomously.

In addition, COGITO® SIMS includes the following:

  •  a full Semantic Engine: to perform linguistic analyses (including morphological, grammatical, and logical analyses), and full semantic disambiguation
  •  a rich semantic network: including more than 500,000 concepts and 3 million types of relationships to interpret the context and meaning of a text

COGITO® SIMS can be used to develop vertical applications for different enterprise functions (including customer relationship management, product and service development, competition and markets analysis, etc.)

For example:

  •  to automatically classify documents, entities and correlate information
  •  to implement conceptual and natural language based search systems
  •  to reduce the workload of a call center by sorting emails, electronic submissions, and SMS
  • to monitor websites, blogs, forums, etc. in order to identify market and commercial trends, to address counterfeiting issues, and to extract actionable information the customers’ feedback on specific products or topics.

“COGITO® SIMS allows to manage unstructured data just as easily and efficiently as structured data. Experienced linguists or language analysts are no longer required to develop semantic search, document classification, “text mining” or general natural language processing,” says Marco Varone President and CTO of Expert System.


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