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Expert System Launches New Contextual Advertising Solution with Semantic Intelligence

14 September 2008

Cogito Semantic Advertiser, 9-15-2008

Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, today announces the launch of COGITO Advertiser, an innovative tool that automatically processes the meaning of text to ensure ad placement is relevant to its assigned Web pages.  Using semantic intelligence, COGITO Advertiser analyzes the text on each page and ensures ads are placed appropriately to increase click-through rates.

The main issue limiting the online advertising market today is the disconnect between advertisement placement and the relevance of the copy.  This is due to the reliance on keyword frequency without considering the meaning.  Often times, ads may appear on pages that have little significance to the assigned page or may produce counterproductive effects.  For example, an ad for a Caribbean vacation package may inadvertently appear near an article about a massive hurricane that ripped through that region.  COGITO Advertiser addresses this shortfall by:
– Automatically analyzing Web pages to identify the most relevant topics and extract the main themes included in the text
– Classifying content by assigning the category related to the text in real time, based on an optimized taxonomy and with high precision
– Processing the text and collecting all useful data in an output format structured to be easily uploaded into a database  
– Directly integrating with the ad server, enabling the selection and serving of the most relevant ads for the reference Web page

“Correlating the advertisement to text on the Web page is the only way an ad will generate profit,” said J. Brooke Aker, chief executive officer of Expert System’s U.S. subsidiary.  “Through linguistic analysis, COGITO Advertiser provides the only real solution for comprehending the meaning of text and combining it with relevant ads to effectively reach the right customers.”

COGITO Advertiser also provides details on actual users of specific Web sites, so companies can tailor their messaging, plan for future investments, and coordinate timing of ad placements.  By processing the contents of the Web sites and operating an accurate categorization of the pages, the software can provide a detailed map of targeted subjects.  For example, if specific users are reading articles about fuel efficiency during a specific timeframe, COGITO Advertiser can provide these details so a hybrid vehicle manufacturer can direct its advertising budget accordingly.
These user details are also incorporated to make socio-cultural correlations for ad placement.  For example, a user interested in hybrid vehicles is likely interested in organic food.  The relations are not direct, and may not include the same keywords, but they are incisive and effective.  Only COGITO Advertiser has the semantic intelligence to discover these trends and effectively reach new customers.