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Expert System Partners with H-care

31 January 2007

Feb 01, 2007

Expert System, leader in the field of Semantic Intelligence, and H-care, which develops the Human Digital Assistant platform, an innovative technology for the next generation of self-service customer care, have partnered with the goal of presenting solutions with a high level of technological innovation to the market aimed at improving interaction with customers using human-like interfaces able to understand natural language.


Expert System, which has been active in the development of a semantic-based linguistic technology for years, proposes solutions for the elaboration of unstructured information contained in various types of texts. It has reached the position of market leader in Italy with products aimed at both private companies and the public sector.


H-care develops the most advanced virtual assistance technological platform. The Human Digital Assistant (HDA), which enables the creation of a virtual call center operator capable of interacting with thousands of users at the same time using personalized dialogues and behaviour, can be used to provide services and assistance to clients via web, cell phones, assistance points, TV, or other web connected devices. HDA allows a new way of interacting with customers, not only via the web but all contact channels, enabling the dynamic management of large users with dynamic information, with interactions created in real time, taking advantage of the integration with the existing IT infrastructure.



“This collaboration represents an important step in Expert System’s strategy, which aims at value creation through vanguard technological solutions,” declared Stefano Spaggiari, Managing Director, Expert System. “We really believe in the benefits that H-CARE solutions can offer in terms of competitiveness, above all for the interactive and multi-channel methods used to answer the specific needs of the client, methods which, combined with our linguistic technology, can offer a unique gain in value, incomparable to that of other proposals present on the market”.


“The strategy that H-care has adopted to remain a technology leader, in addition to making substantial investments in R&D of the HDA platform, includes forming partnerships with other companies that offer best-of-breed products in complementary areas, thereby increasing the overall capabilities of a virtual assistant solution,” said Umberto Basso, CEO, H-care. “The experience of Expert System in the semantic approach of knowledge management is being leveraged, via integrating Expert System’s Cogito platform with the HDA, which will permit the virtual assistant to interact through natural language, which is another step closer to an interface that is genuinely human.”