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Expert System Partners with Quantic Research for Security Intelligence Solutions

9 February 2016

Expert System (EXSY.MI), the leader in multilingual cognitive computing technology for the effective management and exploitation of unstructured information, and Quantic Research (QR), the Italian R&D subsidiary for the Holding Nivi Group that specializes in developing innovative security sector solutions, today announced a collaboration for new business and technology opportunities in the defense and intelligence sector.

The amount of data generated daily is in constant growth and far exceeds the human capacity to interpret or access it. An estimated 90% of the data available today has doubled in the last two years; the type and origin of this data is increasingly diverse: structured data in databases, sensor data and unstructured data such as documents, articles and posts on blogs and social media. At the same time, the explosion of user-centric touchscreen-type tools has transformed how information is represented and navigated, and is increasing the demand for applications that can provide fast, intuitive access to content.

“As the amount of available knowledge continues to grow, users’ expectations for being able to easily and intuitively use it will also rise,” said Andrea Melegari, SEVP Defense, Intelligence & Security, Expert System. “This is the exact area that the collaboration between Expert System and Quantic Research addresses: develop innovative solutions and design new products to support the dissemination of tactical and strategic knowledge, especially in the Defense, Intelligence and Security sector.”

Being able to represent information through next-generation interfaces has become one of the most challenging issues of our day. When it comes to managing large-scale infrastructures, the real obstacle that users face is understanding the state of a complex system. Information that is fragmented across different systems and presented using diverse interfaces only complicates the user’s ability to quickly understand what is happening or intervene according to pre-defined company procedures at the moment of need.

“Thanks to a powerful graphical geo-referencing engine, Quantic Research has developed proprietary touch solutions for command and control systems used in complex infrastructures where security, data availability and a clear representation of information are fundamental,” said Marco de Vecchi, Sales Director, Quantic Research – Nivi Group for new technology. “The collaboration with Expert System and the integration of its solutions in our offering represents an important evolution in the definition of a new interface standard for commanding and controlling complexity.”