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Expert System Partners with School of Palo Alto

31 May 2006

Jun 01, 2006

Expert System has become a partner of the Scuola di Palo Alto (the School of Palo Alto) in Milan, which since 1992, has focused on management consulting and training. In 2006 the school will introduce several dedicated seminars which will use applications for the management of unstructured information based on the semantic technology Cogito®.

Stefano Spaggiari, CEO of Expert System S.p.A., commented: “The classes that we will teach will be primarily focused on semantic based applications for natural language processing and unstructured information management. Through semantic technology, we intend to give all the participants immediate answers to the problems and specific requests that pop up every day at work.”

“We will dedicate a considerable amount of time in making comparisons with more traditional technological approaches based on algorithmic logic and statistical approaches, and above all we will focus on automatic treatment of language through semantics,” adds Spaggiari “from the classic keyword based searches, to the identification of lemmas and whole concepts, independently from topics, format and storing location and methodology; from the organization of enormous volumes of documents (e-mail, pdf, Word or Excel files, internet pages, blogs, newsgroups, reports, meeting proceedings and digital seminars, etc.) to the automatic classification of documents following specific and customized taxonomies; from the extraction of relevant information from a sea of documents to the automatic identification of strategic information for developing marketing strategies and performing competitive intelligence tasks.”