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Expert System simplifies the recruitment processes of Apec, the French job board for executive employment, with its semantic analysis technology

23 May 2017

Applying semantic analysis to job postings and resumes at various stages of the recruitment cycle accelerates the process of matching available positions with qualified candidates.

– Expert System today announced that its semantic analysis technology has been chosen as the reference semantic module by the French association for executive employment (Apec) as part of several projects for analyzing job postings and resumes.

As one of the major job boards in the French recruitment sector, in 2016, Apec published more than 690,000 job postings (including some duplicate postings) that had to aligned with an estimated 330,000 resumes. To provide their search engine users with greater relevance required a reliable processes automation could handle such a massive influx of information. In order to optimize the match between user resumes and job postings, Apec selected Expert System’s semantic analysis tool to integrate into its recruitment-aid cycle.

Expert System’s solution is based on its cognitive technology, Cogito. Cogito Studio supports multiple document formats and provides a taxonomy management tool and analysis rules to manage and enrich content. Cogito Studio has made it easier for Apec to autonomously build specific taxonomies based on their business and to define accurate extraction rules between the list of skills in job postings and the candidates’ own skills and experience.

Expert System and Apec relied on the expertise of Oceane Consulting Data Management to integrate the Cogito solution and to enrich some annotators in order to meet the domain-specific requirements of the project.

The semantic approach opened the door to new possibilities for use of the semantic module and enabled Apec to establish several targets related to the initial challenge:

  • Maintain control of the legal compliance of the content of job postings (based on the requirements, uses and customs of the French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty) that must include, for example, company type, sector, position description or required qualifications, but never mention the gender or age of the prospective candidate
  • Identify the tasks or responsibilities contained within a job posting
  • Align know-how described within job postings and resumes (for example, a buyer with experience in the Chinese market)
  • Produce statistics that include the job type, geographic distribution, etc. to feed into Apec’s Department of Studies analysis

“Expert System enabled us to widely deploy the solution and improve performance thanks to the semantic engine. This tool positions us for a variety of applications in the future,” said Bruno Lamard, Director Information System, Apec.

“Semantic analysis can deal with a wide variety of use cases within the enterprise,” said Alain Biancardi, Vice President of Sales, Expert System. “Recruitment process automation is a particularly relevant use case. The semantic component has resulted in some high-quality recruitments that could not have happened so quickly without both an in-depth consideration of text and the intelligent cross of thousands of pieces of content.”