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Expert System Updates Flagship Semantic Search Solution

15 March 2010

16 March 2010

Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies and interprets text information, today announces the latest release of its Cogito Focus software. Cogito Focus quickly and accurately performs interactive analysis on all forms of data, and discovers search terms in their proper context by employing a 100-percent semantic approach. Ultimately, this enables companies to more accurately access decision-centric information by optimizing research and analysis activities.

The latest version of Cogito Focus advances the whole search process by further empowering users to execute accurate searches in the most efficient manner. It extends the semantic search capabilities to all formats of information, including structured and unstructured data, from both internal and external sources. Expert System now enables users to search through RSS feeds, Web pages and various social media networks. In addition, Cogito Focus extends the benefits of a conducted search by developing simple content lists and mapping the relations of search terms and their results.

“Expert System understands the importance that information from within the company and external data sources can have on an organization, especially information that lives on the Web,” said Brooke Aker, CEO of Expert System USA. “By refining and simplifying the search process, we were able to make that crucial data more useful through innovative search methods, simple content lists for each search and automatic maps of the content and relations within searches.”

The major updates to the latest version of Cogito Focus include:

Faceted Navigation and Streamlined Search: Whereas traditional search engines require the user to establish the various facets before launching a search, Cogito Focus does the backend work to automatically present the concepts, entities, etc. at the end of each search. Users then know how to modify their parameters to get the content they need, eliminating the guesswork and increasing efficiency.

Semantic Intelligent Agents: Given the Internet’s breadth and depth, businesses must integrate structured (private) and unstructured (Web-based) documents to maximize knowledge and see the big picture. Cogito Focus independently monitors and captures new content from sources including company servers, forums, blogs, comment streams and Web sites.

Maps of Relations and Relevance: Once a search is complete, Cogito Focus continues to help users derive the most value from their content, creating maps that illustrate the semantic relations between concepts and entities of analyzed documents.


“The evolution of search is speeding up based on the emerging needs of today’s businesses, including greater flexibility than basic search capabilities can meet,” said Aker. “By providing in-depth analysis of information, users get a more precise and complete picture, while also grasping the crucial and strategic data that continues to grow.”