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Expert System’s commitment to the democratization of artificial intelligence continues with the consolidation of its training and certification program for partners

18 April 2019

Enable an increasing number of organizations to access the benefits of artificial intelligence, simplify knowledge acquisition to ensure successful implementation of the Cogito software in all market sectors.

With these objectives in mind, Expert System has strengthened the training and certification program of the Cogito® artificial intelligence platform to guarantee partners an even more profitable training path.

The Cogito certification program confirms Expert System’s commitment to innovation and to the democratization of artificial intelligence. Through certification, Cogito users will have access to intelligent solutions capable of profoundly transforming business processes.

Rookie, Pro and Master: three levels of certification

Expert System partners for services, consulting and technology have the opportunity to increase their skills through three levels of certification of increasing complexity. The Rookie Certification provides tutorials for self-learning and examination through an online training platform. Pro and Master Certification levels require participation in our in-person training sessions and successful completion of our training exam. Previous certification is necessary for each successive level.

“The new training and certification course is a great opportunity for our partners to derive maximum benefits from our software,” said Maurizio Mencarini, VP Global Strategic Partnerships, Expert System. “As the use of AI becomes more pervasive in business, having highly qualified professionals able to take full advantage of the features of the Cogito platform and integrate it with the best solutions available on the market will support increased innovation across the ecosystem.”

For more information about Expert System’s partner network and the new training and certification program, visit this page