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GDPR: Expert System Supports Data Protection Officers

6 December 2017

The cognitive computing software Cogito analyses text content automatically and identifies personal data

– Countdown to May 25, 2018: From this date, all companies within the European Union must comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). Data Protection Officers will face the task of ensuring their processes are GDPR-compliant, and businesses that have to manage large volumes of unstructured data – such as banks and insurance companies – are expected to be the hardest hit. Under the ruling, the identification of all personal data must be an automated process. With Expert System’s Cognitive Computing and Cognitive Automation software Cogito analysing unstructured content, compliance leaders and software integrators have the tool they need to meet GDPR regulations on time.

No sensitive data can be identified without automation

The European Union’s GDPR is designed to ensure the protection of personal data in EU states, to make data protection uniform and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. This will require EU companies to continuously monitor and analyse of all incoming and outgoing data streams to filter out and anonymise personal data. With the huge amounts of unstructured data that businesses handle on a daily basis, implementing the EU regulation is not an easy task; and companies that do not comply with the regulation risk fines up to 4% of annual revenues.

Cogito, Expert System’s multilingual semantic technology that analyses unstructured content, intelligently capturing its meaning in context, permanently and automatically analyses businesses’ data streams, and identifies and categorises personal data. Its capabilities include generating specific reports so those responsible can quickly respond in terms of the guidelines and processes. This is crucial in helping companies meet the GDPR’s compliance requirements. Expert System is currently working with a number of organizations in the Banking & Insurance sector to support Data Protection Officers and the numerous partners that deliver multi-discipline projects (Legal vendors, System Integrators, Consulting firms) in their compliance efforts.

Cogito offers unique advantages for supporting GDPR compliance:

  • Automated extraction for personal data of any kind, out of the box
  • Easy customisation to extract targeted data that is not available by default
  • Semantic analysis of document content improves the quality of your results over keyword matching software
  • Scalable for data streams and repositories of any size
  • Rapid ROI (easy implementation for immediate production)
  • Intuitive UI
  • APIs to easily integrate with third-party applications

“Our customers use our text analysis solutions to meet compliance requirements and, now, for GDPR compliance,” says Claudio Palmolungo, Executive Vice President Europe di Expert System. “Cogito’s advanced content analysis enables automated identification, categorisation and anonymisation of personal data, and supports Data Protection Officers with accurate and timely reporting necessary for staying on top of GDPR requirements.”

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