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General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR and Data Depersonalization Tools

15 March 2019

Under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies are committed to preventing the accidental lossalteration, distribution or unauthorized access of customers’ personal data. Compliance with this regulation is above all a matter of process and organization, and it requires effective data depersonalization tools according to the key stages involved.

Expert System supports your GDPR project team by taking charge of the personal data identification and categorization step that requires advanced skills in semantic technology. We help you prepare for personal data erasure and anonymization by detecting and tagging sensitive data contained in your unstructured content.

Personal data is any information (name, place of residence, phone number, date and place of birth, health ID number, photo, biometrics, DNA, passport number, profession, age, sex, religion, illness, disability, IP address, etc.) that is directly or indirectly related to an identified or identifiable physical personCogito for GDPR employs powerful semantic analysis based on disambiguation algorithms to distinguish individual roles and interactions or relationships between named entities in content.

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GDPR Compliance: identify personal & sensitive data within your content

Modern companies in every sector collect and process huge quantities of unstructured information. This information may contain a large amount of personal, sensitive data:

  • Banking/Insurance/Telco/Manufacturing: Voice of the customer information (emails, verbatim text, surveys, etc.) and contractual data (credit card number, banking information, credit history, etc.)
  • Legal: Judgments or settlements, contracts, transcripts, etc.
  • Health: Patient health and medical records, information from medical forums, etc.

Two Modules for GDPR Data Depersonalization

Cogito Studio and Cogito Studio Express provide an integrated development environment for content modeling, processing and analysis projects. These tools help knowledge managers easily and accurately create, test and deploy sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks, custom categorization taxonomies and advanced entity extraction rules.

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Benefits of Cogito for GDPR

Cogito helps you take control of personal data anonymization to meet your GDPR requirements:

  • Automated identification of personal data (name, health ID number, address, etc.) and relations (including the ability to distinguish individual roles and interactions or relationships between named entities in content)
  • Optimized quality thanks to powerful semantic analysis based on disambiguation algorithms
  • Easy-to-integrate within third-party application systems via APIs

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to define extraction rules, import/create taxonomies and apply machine learning capabilities.