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ING Direct Chooses Expert System’s Natural Language Understanding AI to Augment Robotic Process Automation

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence will augment decision making, bring efficiency to back office processes and accelerate the application of knowledge-based RPA.

Expert System today announced that ING has chosen to extend AI-based automation benefits across the organization and improve back office operations. Expert System’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities will be instrumental in augmenting ING customer service agents and accelerating the application of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to a broader range of knowledge-based processes.

“Today, thanks to Expert System’s AI, all our customer relation centers in the Netherlands benefit from a much more reliable and much more accurate email management process, with 100% of emails being automatically processed by the platform,” explains Bastiaan Zaad, Product Owner Natural Language Processing at ING. “Our next objective is to extend those benefits to our centers based in Belgium and in the other countries where ING operates.”

The ability to understand the content of business documents is a key factor for maximizing the ROI of RPA investments. While RPA excels in the automation of many tasks, it falls short in automating those that require the ability to accurately comprehend, categorize, correlate and extract knowledge from data. Expert System addresses these limitations by enabling the integration between RPA bots and advanced NLU algorithms to reduce manual activities and extend the reach and accuracy of automation to more complex processes and use cases.

“Artificial Intelligence is creating new opportunities to scale and drive more value from the implementation of RPA,” said Alain Biancardi, VP Sales & Marketing at Expert System France & Benelux. “By empowering bots with our NLU features, ING will be able to extend back office efficiencies, augment decision making and enhance customer service.”