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Integration of Expert System Semantic Technology Announced for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and EMC²

27 January 2008

Integration with major enterprise applications, 1-29-2008

Expert System, the leading provider of semantic software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, has enhanced its Cogito platform to allow for easy integration with enterprise applications from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and EMC².  The new features include:

  • Cogito compatibility with IBM UIMA standards (Unstructured Information Management Architecture) – an extensible platform for creating, integrating and deploying unstructured information management solutions from combinations of semantic analysis and search components.
  • Cogito integration with Microsoft SharePoint to support collaboration among end-users, combining search functions and a more effective organization of information within a company. This includes the categorization of documents to the automatic extraction of relevant concepts; the selection of information to the discovery of hidden relationships among data.
  • Leverage Cogito with Oracle RDF/OWL technologies for the Semantic Web.  Identification of “triples” – subject/property/object – allows the meaning of texts to be catalogued in a relational database with uniform and web compliant metadata for ultra large-scale queries and analysis.
  • Cogito specific connection interface for EMC²’s Documentum – enabling companies to classify, route, and extract key business information from incoming documents, saving time and improving customer responsiveness.


These new features are part of Expert System’s strategy to build technology that mines all the inherent value from corporate document sets while leveraging existing investment in software platforms and applications.  At the same time, flexibility and modularity have been built into the new features continuing a tradition of Cogito being customizable and open.


“All applications based on Cogito are perfectly compatible with one another, can coexist with other platforms and can be integrated with various existing business applications to increase their value” explains Marco Varone, CTO and President, Expert System. “For companies this means an increase in the value of existing technologies, an increased return on investment, and the certainty of a smooth integration path.”


“Cogito has been recognized as the semantic technology with the highest recall and precision on the market today”, says Mr. Varone. “But the technical advantage we bring to corporations would be worthless unless we could embed and enhance our product with the investments companies have already made in their platforms and processes. So with these integration improvements there is no reason a company using the great products from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or EMC² can’t also realize the high ROI from Cogito”.