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Intelligence Analysis System

1 March 2019

Intelligence Analysis for Corporate Security

The role of corporate security and other intelligence units has changed. Rather than just monitoring threats, corporate security must be able to anticipate threats and provide decision makers with critical and strategic information. All enterprises and government agencies need intelligence analysis software that effectively supports them in the creation, analysis, exploration and distribution of all the strategic information available from internal and external sources.

Cogito is cognitive software that supports analysts in every phase of the intelligence cycle.

Cogito processes unstructured content, understanding it in the same way that people do. It provides deep comprehension of information acquired from multiple sources with a semantic focus that interprets each word based on the context in which it appears.

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Cogito empowers web intelligence software to crawl information from the weblisten to social media, acquire news or internal content for thousands or even millions of items per day. The information extracted from these sources can then be leveraged for actionable insight, allowing companies to identify risks and opportunities in real timeusing simple and effective dashboards that enable analysts to monitor, navigate and access events, entities, relations, in multiple and customizable views.

Cogito enhances web intelligence tools to reveal abstract connections hidden within the data acquired. Users can easily switch from one source or topic to another with just a few clicks.

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A cognitive Intelligence Analysis System makes an analyst’s work easier

Expert System’s intelligence solutions make it easy to share relevant information within teams and with decision makers. Automatic alerts keep teams up to date on critical events and risks or to discover new.

Expert System’s intelligence solutions are scalable and work with multiple languages.

Cogito is easily integrated with any existing information system and other third-party workflow packages.