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The EU- funded CyclOps project aims to facilitate the adoption and production of data, models, and services from and for data spaces to enable AI-based data-driven applications for all players, business and research alike​.

The objective is to provide interoperable, trustworthy and secure automatic management, governance, and maintenance of the entire data life cycle for large-scale volumes of data generated in heterogeneous distributed sources to enable data sharing and exchange in data spaces​.

The consortium is formed by 24 partners from 11 different countries including large companies and SMEs, Research & Universities and associations.

Specifically, CyclOps sets out to achieve the following objectives:

  • to design and develop the CyclOps platform to automate the generation of data processing pipelines.
  • to validate the solution through the deployment of four use cases linked to the European Data Spaces, spanning areas such as tourism and mobility, the Green Deal, public procurement, and manufacturing.
  • to establish an open ecosystem that leverages and engages with data spaces and other European data sources and services.

Furthermore, CyclOps is poised to make a substantial impact across three key dimensions:

Scientific Perspective: CyclOps aims to transcend traditional domain boundaries, enhancing data space technologies, knowledge graph capabilities, and human-centric data integration.

Economic Impact: By enabling SMEs and smaller players to participate in the data economy, CyclOps is set to facilitate the provision of data-based value-added services, thereby enhancing EU global competitiveness.

Societal Implications: CyclOps endeavors to bolster workforce skills, create new job opportunities, and foster public engagement in the digital economy, while also building trust in data systems.

Project Duration: 36 months

Period: Jan 2024 – Dec 2026

Type of FundingHORIZON-CL4-2023-DATA-01

funded by the EU