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The Call requires (a) to build a network of practitioners from security and intelligence services of EU MS & AC that has the objective (b) to support the needs of the security and intelligence services of the MS & AC for future security research programming. To address these requirements, NOTIONES consortium includes: (a) 15 practitioners from military, civil, financial, judiciary, local, national and international polices, coming from 9 EU MS and 6 AC. These practitioners, together with the other consortium members, grant a complete coverage of the 4 EU main areas: West Europe (PT, ES, UK, FR, IT, DE, AT), North Europe (FI, DK, SE, EE, LV), Middle Europe (PO, SK, UK), Middle East (IL, TR, GE, BG, BA, MK) for a total of 21 countries; (b) experts in security research programming. The NOTIONES’ S&T Coordinator is one of the 50 members of ESRAB and of the 64 members of ESRIF, the two Committees charged by the EC to outline its funding policy related to security research programming. In addition to that, the NOTIONES’ consortium includes 5 partners of PYTHIA and SOLOMON (Z&P, EXPSYS, ICSA, BDI, LESO), the two projects outlining the EDA/EC future defence research programming. The monitoring of technologies and the definition of requirements and recommendations for their industrialization will provide a great advantage to practitioners in the fields of intelligence and security. Through an iterative cycle, the output recommendations will be synthesized into specifications that can be provided to industry and academy across Europe, providing tangible benefits to those organisations engaged in intelligence and security. The results of the NOTIONES project, which has a lifetime of five years, will be presented to the broad intelligence community in workshops and conferences and will contribute to the definition of further security and intelligence research.

Type of Funding: H2020-SU-SEC-2020

Project duration: Aug 2021 – Jul 2026

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