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reveal european project

REVEAL will deliver a novel Web service to investigate the origin and dynamics of online disinformation, to detect, identify, browse, and analyze online news and communication campaigns by individuals or entities to pursue specific interests, e.g. influencing trade markets or denigrating competitors. The REVEAL service will support the analysis (by different categories of users) of disinformation and the assessment of the veracity and truthfulness of news and campaigns. Thus, starting from a (fake) news, the REVEAL service will reconstruct the graph of related Web resources  and news and the related publishers, and provide analytics to better identify the origin and understand how online news are propagated. Therefore REVEAL has impact on and will contribute to fighting online disinformation.

Project duration: Jan 2019 – Dec 2019
Type of Funding: EIT DIGITAL – Call 2018 – IT19FPCPTREVEAL

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