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With the rise and spread of ICT-enabled crimes and illicit financial flows (IFFs), law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and financial intelligence units (FIUs) need innovative policing tools in the virtual sphere as well as skills, organizational and regulatory adaptations to counter these threats. TRACE will focus on input (forming initial suspicion), processing (substantiating suspicion, collecting evidence, locating suspects and their assets) and output (producing court proof / admissible e-evidence) to develop ICT-enabled solutions to identify, track and document IFFs, to pave the way for recovering the proceeds of crime and to disrupt the IFFs. TRACE will apply its solutions in use cases on terrorist financing, web forensics, cyber extortion, use of cryptocurrencies in property market transactions, money laundering in arts and antiquities, and online gambling, all of which have been developed in consultation with LEAs. TRACE will make recommendations on the harmonization of information formats in suspicious activity reports. Heretofore the differences and fragmented use of e-evidence in criminal justice processes have hindered cross-border investigations, prosecutions and convictions and recovery of assets. TRACE will create an open-source platform for LEAs and for advancements in technology-based solutions in policing. With stakeholder engagement from the outset, the TRACE partners will co-develop advanced investigation tools and test and validate their efficacy in detecting IFFs. TRACE will also create a working group of partner LEAs and Stakeholder Board LEAs to discuss good practices in information sharing among EU LEAs.

Project duration: July 2021 – June 2024
Type of Funding: H2020-SU-SEC-2020

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