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Keyword extraction: clustering tools and software for keyword identification

15 May 2018


For all enterprise processes that involve text content, effective keyword extraction requires a high-quality text mining technology that can effectively extract keywords and automatically and reliably measure their relevance from any type of document. Based on the natural language processing technology of the Cogito semantic technology, Cogito Discover provides 90% accuracy in automatic keyword extraction.

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Keyword extraction and Cogito Discover

Cogito Discover can be effectively adopted to recognize and extract relevant items of information hidden in text content and enrich document metadata. Cogito Discover analyzes unstructured content, recognizing key topics, entities and relations mentioned in text. Built on a robust and scalable platform, it embeds syntactical, statistical, taxonomy-based and machine-learning engines to power high-throughput text mining information extraction applications.

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To optimize its performance across use cases, Cogito Discover provides a part-of-speech tagging layer that supports multiple languages and embeds a wide range of information extraction techniques including morphosyntactic reasoning, statistics, thesaurus- and taxonomy-based extraction, machine learning and rules-based extraction.

Cogito Discover provides keyword extraction for content navigational structure, and supports the creation of pay per click programs and SEO operations.