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Mimesi: semantics improves news and web information services

10 July 2013




11 July 2013

Mimesi, a division of Reed Business Information that specializes in services for press, web and social monitoring, today announced its adoption of Expert System’s semantic technology to strengthen its information delivery platform.

Today, companies feel the ever-growing pressure to receive highly personalized news, filtering the most relevant items from the vast amount of information available. Media monitoring subscribers expect accurate, timely and useful information that can support decision making.

“The use of intelligent technologies that maximize the value of content proves to be a winning strategy in the world of publishing,” said Marina Bonomi, General Director, Mimesi. “Thanks to semantic technology, we are more competitive in the media monitoring market where the old way of working is proving to be less than adequate.”

Mimesi selected Expert System’s Cogito® semantic technology, which, through the automatic comprehension of text, helps provide personalized information delivery for each customer. For example, an automotive company may require news about fuel prices, general economic information on certain countries, as well as articles about environmental sustainability, all within the context of their industry.

Mimesi instructs the semantic system to filter relevant news based on the customer’s specifications. Each day, Cogito applies the criteria with great precision on thousands of articles from as many sources, and specialized moderators review the content to ensure its accuracy. As a result, Mimesi’s news service provides the ideal solution of human and automated components, combining excellent service with efficient and scalable processes.

“With the support of Expert System technology, we have increased the effectiveness and the efficiency of the process of organizing news, while relieving operators from repetitive tasks,” said Arrigo Rocchi, Operations Manager, Mimesi. “Our adoption of semantic technology has therefore benefitted both the customer and our internal operations.”

“Mimesi has been able to take advantage of the unmatched flexibility and accuracy of the Cogito platform, transforming information into real driver for business,” said Luca Scagliarini, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Expert System. “We are proud to contribute to the success of one of the industry’s most innovative companies.”

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