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Natural Language Processing Adoption at ING

23 September 2022

Expert.ai and ING at Big Data & AI Paris 2022 : 10 Ways to Drive Business Results with NLP: Real-Life Examples & an in-depth look at natural language processing adoption at ING

Expert.ai (EXAI: IM), a leading company in artificial intelligence (AI) for language understanding, will join a presentation with the global bank ING at Big Data & AI Paris 2022. The presentation will highlight how natural language processing (NLP) can automate time-consuming business processes and increase revenue by unlocking the value of unstructured language data (business documents including presentations, contracts, news, reports, emails, feed of news, social content etc.)

At 12pm on Monday, September 26, 2022, Eric Frances, VP Sales France & Benelux at expert.ai will be joined by Sudhanshu Sawlani, Head of Robotics & Intelligent Automation at ING, to provide attendees with an overview of 10 use cases that help companies leverage language data.   

ING is deploying AI and NLP to improve experiences and satisfaction for their two largest stakeholders – customers and employees. By leveraging expert.ai capabilities, ING designed a natural language-based robot to augment robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver an email management solution for their wholesale banking service. The project, that was led in partnership with Accenture, is part of the company’s efforts to digitally transform the Bank.

ING has successfully deployed many use cases, among them:

  • Properly routing customer email requests, such as account openings/closing, contact information changes, etc., to the proper department while matching the request to the correct customer, with a success rate of more than 95% compared to the baseline of ING where the human accuracy in the management of e-mail was around 70%;
  • Reviewing documents, such as loan agreements and passport copies, and automating the assignment of security levels with incredible accuracy to ensure GDPR privacy standards are met.

And it’s not just about how much money the bank saves by automating these manual processes, it improves satisfaction for both customers as well as their employees who can now focus more on their core duties instead of tedious review tasks of documents and emails.

Learn more about email management and how expert.ai can help you manage your increasing number of email inquiries from internal and external customers that require a response. Watch this video!