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New development plans for Expert System S.p.A.

1 February 2006

Feb 02, 2006


One year from the launch of the new commercial offer, Expert System presents a development plan for the consolidation of its leadership and for international expansion.

“Between 2003 and 2005 our sales have increased by 50%”, explains Stefano Spaggiari, managing director of Expert System S.p.A, “and in 2006 we expect a further increase of 25%. But beyond numbers and financial data, I think our goals are what best describes our successful path”.

In Italy, Expert System has been the market leader for linguistic technologies for more than ten years. With our semantic platform COGITO®, we have earned the trust of important companies and multinationals: from Microsoft (we are the only Italian company – and one of the few companies in the world – to provide the American colossus with advanced technologies for its main products), to Eni, Larousse, ING Direct; and further on to Tin.it, BNL, Pirelli… as well as the area of Public Administration with the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri (Presidency of the Council of Ministers), the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities), the Ministero per l’Innovazione e le Tecnologie (Ministry for Innovation and Technologies), the Ministero della Difesa (Ministry of Defense), to the most recent customers ranging from the Camera dei Deputati (Chamber of Deputies) to the Ministero dell’Interno (Ministry of the Interior).

Our “unconventional” solutions are the plus that distinguishes us from our competitors: our products are based on a truly intelligent processing of unstructured information. Unlike standard systems for Knowledge Management and Text Mining – based on keyword logics or solely on algorithms and statistics – COGITO® processes texts through the semantic analysis of language. In addition, we offer the consolidated guarantee of punctual, complete and customized project organization.               

Taking inspiration from these values, with the purpose of reinforcing the collaboration with customers already acquired, and to consolidate our presence on the markets, we have launched several operations: the inauguration of the new offices in the capital and the further development of the commercial network; the development of new applications to offer even more efficient solutions to customer companies starting from the analysis of the requirements and business processes; the definition of new partnerships with vendors and system integrators. In addition, following the successful path, which during the past year has allowed us to increase sensibly our shares of foreign sales, we plan to expand our presence abroad. Seizing at the right time the market opportunities – that has now started to show signs of recovery – we intend to “export” more intensively the experiences and competences acquired in many years of work, and to take advantage of the interesting development opportunities of our involvement in European countries such as Germany, Ireland and France.”