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Pirelli renews Marketing Intelligence agreement with Expert System

31 May 2007

Marketing & Competitive Intelligence solution, 6-4-2007

Expert System, the leading provider of Semantic Intelligence Software, announced today that Pirelli has renewed its collaboration with Expert System for their “price monitoring” service. Expert System’s solution allows the user to select, normalize, and structure the contents of pre-selected sources employing personalized search parameters to filter sets of web pages. Cogito® has allowed Pirelli to effectively and methodically tap into the immense range of information regarding the market of tire-related products.


Pirelli Tire is the operational holding company for a group involved in the design, development, production and marketing of tires destined for various types of vehicles: cars, light vehicles and motorcycles (consumer sector, 70% of revenue), buses, trucks, agricultural and earth moving machinery, and the production and marketing of steelcord (industrial segment, 30% of revenue).

Drawing on its technological expertise, the group has consolidated working relationships with the world’s leading car and motorcycle manufacturers; partnerships that have translated into a number of homologations for models from all the leading automotive firms.


Expert System’s Cogito is a powerful semantic investigation tool that analyzes specific internet sites to monitor prices of interesting products using linguistic intelligence. It enables the user to constantly monitor the online prices of their own products, as well as those of competitors to understand their market strategy. Cogito provides an overview of the information necessary to evaluate economic price trends, control competition, investigate company politics, and discover illegal commercialization channels.