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Taxonomy Management and Semantic Content Enrichment

Successful Taxonomy and Knowledge Graph Creation Requires Natural Language Understanding

Building a taxonomy or enterprise knowledge graph to ensure effective management of enterprise knowledge is both strategic and complex. What typically results in a taxonomy project is that it becomes more complex than what you need and often includes nodes that do not reflect the actual data being categorized. A bottom-up approach that leverages intuitive, semantic tools on a platform and is driven by your actual content is likely to deliver a more precise taxonomy that meets the project needs and can be easily reused across knowledge discovery projects.

The expert.ai Platform supports all critical steps in the categorization and organization of information to make enterprise content and other external strategic information more accessible for business intelligence processes. The expert.ai Platform is a purpose-built low-code natural language workflow platform for:

  • document classificationtaxonomy definition
  • entity and relationship extraction
  • corpus clustering
  • terminology-driven taxonomy indexing
  • metadata enrichment
  • semantic/faceted search,
  • recommendation systems
  • knowledge base creation and maintenance

Out-of-the-Box Knowledge Graph for General Understanding

A unique feature of the expert.ai Platform is its knowledge graph. The knowledge graph incorporates a vast trove of established knowledge about real-world entities (e.g., people, locations, companies, and many other objects of interest), concepts of interest (e.g., “president”, “region” or “disease”) and their relationships. The Platform leverages its knowledge graph to ensure highly accurate predictions that recognize concepts and objects even when language is ambiguous. For example, it can distinguish the concept of stock (a form of inventory) from stock (a form of capital). Because the platform is “smart from the start,” it can deliver accurate results from day one, saving your team weeks of work in the implementation phase and reducing time to value.


Key Capabilities

Taxonomy Node Creation

Apply automatic semantic analysis for granular visibility of the most relevant concepts and topics in your content. Simplify creation and editing activities using an intuitive graphic interface. Export the developed taxonomy to use in automatic categorization or other knowledge management activities.

Customizable Knowledge Graphs

Build your own proprietary knowledge graph to increase platform awareness about domain-specific entities and concepts as well as improve the effectiveness of your NL applications.

Automated Categorization

Automate document analysis and semantically process large volumes of unstructured information using taxonomy and linguistic rules.


Key Features

  • Support for more than 200 incoming file formats as well as a flexible range of standard outputs (XML, JSON, RDF)
  • Visual drag-and-drop editor for taxonomy creation with multi-language support
  • Import/export in Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) RDF/XML format
  • Measures and validates taxonomy quality after SKOS ingestion
  • Term suggestions based on the underlying knowledge graph with language ontology expansion
  • Out-of-the-box taxonomies and ontologies for insurance, financial services, life science and media
  • Collaborative annotation tool that tracks user changes and with validation checks
  • Thesaurus-based annotation and suggestions by inflection, compound words and synonyms
  • Cloud-based solution does not require IT support
  • API services for easy integration with other systems