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expert.ai Studio

Create advanced, custom AI solutions for knowledge discovery and intelligent process automation.

Expert.ai Studio is a fully integrated development environment for building and deploying a custom AI-based text model that leverages the cognitive abilities of the expert.ai platform. As the command center for expert.ai-powered deployments, expert.ai Studio helps organizations and developers to create advanced and unique solutions to extend the scope of intelligent process automation and make knowledge discovery more effective.

Expert.ai Studio applies the natural language understanding capability of expert.ai and a fine-grained text processing configuration to achieve precise comprehension of your content in order to give you complete control over how you access the content and how to use it efficiently and at scale in support of your business operations.

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Put expert.ai Studio to work:

Text analytics model development

Expert.ai Studio provides advanced linguistic rule writing to support effective entity and relationship extraction and automatic document categorization. You can immediately deploy and optimize the initial rules set to start document categorization.

Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is a representation of knowledge (e.g., the meanings of words, the relationships between concepts, etc.) that reflects the richness of how knowledge is structured. Expert.ai technology comes with a vast amount of information already packaged in the form of a network of related concepts, not just words. This helps you start your project on a solid foundation and allow you to focus on the demands of your use case, instead of worrying about understanding language in general.


Categorization, Extraction, Sentiment, Question/Answering, Chatbots, and more. Any application dealing with language, communication, and document analysis finds its natural habitat in expert.ai Studio, where our AI technology takes care of the heavy lifting in understanding content, and it gives you all the datapoints you need to develop your own linguistic solution.

Powerful Tools

With expert.ai Studio, you have multiple tools at your fingertips, including a full-fledged POS tagger and identification of events in terms of who’s doing what (SAO).

Quality Measurement

Expert.ai Studio provides sophisticated testing and reporting tools for validating your model against a collection of documents. This allows you to measure improvements for precision and recall in order to check results that can be quickly improved to match your quality requirements.


The Edge NL API server can be used on premise or on a private cloud to run the expert.ai NL API or to deploy advanced NLU-based applications built with expert.ai Studio. Edge NL API helps developers, data scientists and computational linguists both to simplify the test of expert.ai technology on custom use cases, and address the needs of applications requiring maximum scale, speed and security.

Expert.ai Studio Benefits FAQ

How do I build and deploy an application for a specific use case?

You can build linguistic solutions based on the needs of specific use cases using expert.ai Studio and, with a single click, deploy them on your infrastructure leveraging Edge Natural Language API.

Do I need to be an expert software engineer to use expert.ai Studio?

No. Expert.ai Studio is a low-code development environment that can be used by a broad range of users with different programming skills. It comes with self-learn documentation and with a set of examples bundled with the product to make you proficient in the development of advanced language based applications in just a few days.


Use Cases

Defense & Intelligence

Analyze and connect internal data to open-source information to speed up threat detection and decision making.

Publishing & Media

Improve the process of content creation and enrichment as well as augment manual processes and workflows.

Banking & Finance

Capitalize on your knowledge and streamline information-intensive processes to meet demands of customers and regulators.


Reduce risk, improve win rates and increase capacity for commercial insurance carriers and brokers.


Case Studies & Testimonials

Generali Customer Case Study


Optimization of the registration process and request for reimbursement.

ING Customer Case Study


Advanced semantic research engine for the website.