The Platform provides flexible workflows and out of the box tools to design, develop and deploy custom NLU-based solutions that transform unstructured language data into insight that powers faster, better decisions and knowledge-rich business process automation.

Offering a hybrid NL approach, gives your team the freedom to choose the best AI technique for each use case, symbolic, machine or deep learning, while providing the transparency of explainable AI. Augment the capacity of subject matter experts across your organization by enabling them to find the signal through the noise, identify the relationships that matter and power faster and more consistent business decisions and processes.

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Capture the Strategic Value of Language for the Enterprise

Build Your NL Capability on a Single Platform Across Your Organization
Consolidate natural language portfolios and minimize technical debt with a single platform for different and virtually unlimited use cases. The Platform is designed for organizations seeking to address business use cases that require the accurate and deep understanding of language specific to industries or organizational functions at scale to automate processes and simplify knowledge discovery.
Maximize AI Effectiveness with Hybrid NL
Our hybrid Platform integrates symbolic AI with machine learning (ML) or deep learning (DL) techniques, providing flexibility to implement solutions that fit your requirements while ensuring maximum performance for each use case.
Expand Your NLU Expertise and Capabilities
Scale the capacity of your AI team and multiply the data-driven, decision-making ability of your organization at a fraction of the cost.
Maximize AI Transparency and Minimize Bias
Gain the full transparency of explainable AI. Our customized, use-case specific models can be explained from any specific moment in which a model takes on the dataset.
Lower Costs and Minimize the Carbon Footprint of Your AI
Our Platform gives you the ability to leverage less-energy intense AI techniques and decrease the operational costs tied to training and maintaining massive machine or deep learning-based language models.
Deploy and Orchestrate Production-Grade AI Services
Count on enterprise-grade stability and scalability with integrations into the systems you use daily, both on-premise and in the cloud. Prepare, test and deploy NLU services anywhere and track system health, monitor model performance and manage model lifecycle from a single interface.