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Smart Search

Intelligent search tools provide faster, immediate access to available knowledge for customers and internal support staff 

Bank reports, contracts, regulatory documentation, email, customer interactions and document management systems contain information valuable for support and business intelligence. Available in digital or print formats and located in separate silos, organized according to various criteria, being able to manage this unstructured information and provide access to it is a critical challenge for banks and financial operators.  

In the financial sector, AI is frequently applied in intelligent search systems to assist internal staff and customers in finding the information they need. Expert.ai’s technology leverages AI based on natural language understanding to support internal help desks, corporate intranets, web portals and customer-accessible knowledge bases to  retrieve information. 

With the ability to understand the meaning of text contained in documents, expert.ai solutions transforms traditional content and databases into useful and accessible resources. Users can rapidly identify the information they are looking for through everyday natural language queries and using highly sophisticated, intuitive search and navigation tools.

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How it works

Content acquisition and indexing
Acquire and index content, documents and text in various formats and from different types of sources while ensuring the full understanding of concepts present.   

Categorization content 
Quickly identify topics in the text based on financial sector-specific taxonomies and extract standard and customized entities make it easy for users to navigate content. 

Natural language search  
Ensures full understanding of concepts contained in user queries expressed in everyday language (“How can I open an account at your bank?”), thanks to natural language processing (NLP) techniques.   

Research tips and FAQ management  
From useful suggestions to auto-complete and “maybe you were looking for” functionality, the features are designed to make it easy to search within knowledge bases that include lists of FAQs. 

Integrated search into user applications 
Thanks to an open API-based architecture, intelligent search can be easily integrated into websites, mobile apps, intranets and help desk applications. These AI-based search capabilities will be accessible to users directly from within the applications they routinely use.  

Management tool   
Preview documents that result from a search and manage indexed content. The system can be configured and finely tuned to achieve the highest performance in terms of response speed, precision and recall of search results. 

The benefits of artificial intelligence for intelligent search

  • Rapidly access knowledge to improve operational efficiency expand content coverage to include knowledge bases, training and compliance documents and articles.  
  • Improve accuracy and meaninngful results using semantic understanding, which allows people to use everyday language to go beyond classic keyword search that is limited to exact word matching. 
  • An easy to use, intuitive interface that supports the preferences of today’s advanced digital users. 
  • Streamline FAQ management and knowledge base to optimize customer support activities.