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Enterprise Language Model for Insurance

The power of generative AI and Large Language Models for the world of Insurance 

The Enterprise Language Model for Insurance (ELMI) brings the power of generative AI and Large Language Models to the world of insurance. Now insurers can safely and cost-effectively access the generative AI tools they need to automate language-driven processes and reach their straight through processing and cost- optimization goals. ELMI offers insurers a cost-effective, accurate, and flexible language model built specifically to accelerate core processes from underwriting to claims. Through the expert.ai Platform for Insurance and solutions, ELMI supports key capabilities including:

Generative Summarization
Generate accurate summaries, condensing vast amounts of claim or policy information into concise insights, saving time and accelerating straight through processing or human review activities.

Zero-Shot Extraction
Extract crucial insurance data from structured/unstructured, handwritten/typed, good quality/bad quality sources with accuracy and automatically normalize output formats and add medical annotations such as ICD 9/10 medical codes.

Generative Q&A
Answer questions quickly so underwriters and claims handlers can extract meaningful insights from proprietary case files by asking questions using natural language queries.

With accuracy on par with GPT-4.0, ELMI reads and accurately extracts data held within medical and accident reports, ACORD and CMS forms, automatically indexes document packages and triages claims based on urgency and severity. Unlike general knowledge large language models, ELMI is:

Trained for Insurance
Eliminate the cost and complexity of training language models, ELMI is engineered with a deep understanding of the insurance domain, providing insurers with generative AI capability ready to tackle underwriting and claims processing challenges.

Cost Optimized
When compared to hosted token-based models, ELMI offers a more cost-effective solution, reducing expenses related to usage, hosting, running, and maintenance, while still delivering superior performance and accuracy.

Secure and Compliant
ELMI is designed to ensure compliance with the most stringent governance standards and does not share sensitive insurance data.

Offering the flexibility to deploy on any cloud infrastructure or on-premises, ELMI deployments easily meet insurer’s varying requirements.

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