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Take advantage of the expertise gained through 300+ successful natural language AI projects that the expert.ai professional services team has delivered for customers around the globe. Expert.ai provides a wide range of professional services, to ensure that customers get the project quality and success metrics they expect. The professional services team aims to maximize the performance of your natural language project using a 6-step delivery framework.Professional Services Process

Expert.ai delivers best-in-class text analytics solutions for all of your information management needs. Solutions leverage established natural language understanding and a rich catalog of standard features. Additionally, existing technology components and functions may be easily extended to meet the specific needs of your project. The experienced team of knowledge engineers, developers and project managers will help design and develop customized linguistic modules for categorization and extraction, and for enriching our knowledge graph in specific domains.

Accelerate your project delivery with the support of the expert.ai Professional Services team:

Knowledge Graph Enrichment Improve the accuracy, understanding, and analysis of text based on the vertical domains or information contexts that are important to you, including your organization-specific terminology (product and project names, acronyms and codes, technical jargon, etc.).
Categorization & Extraction Module Development Build and fine tune the linguistic modules used to support accurate information categorization according to taxonomy or extraction (for example, product or brand names, addresses, job descriptions, etc.) based on your information management requirements.
Content Analysis Analyze your content using expert.ai custom tools to determine the need for linguistic modules writing and/or knowledge graph enrichment.
Taxonomy Definition Organize the knowledge contained in your repositories and apply automatic semantic analysis for granular visibility of the concepts and topics present and for the development of linguistic rules to meet the requirements of your project.
Pre- & Post- content processing Configure customized pre- and post- content processing workflow steps using the expert.ai Platform to ensure that your content is compatible with required input and output formats for your project.
Integration Services Quickly and easily integrate expert.ai natural language workflows into existing projects or processes (content management systems, databases, portals, etc.) across the enterprise.
Training Join the expert.ai Academy for comprehensive training courses that deliver practical AI and natural language education, hands-on use of the expert.ai Platform and access to other resources to make you an expert at leveraging the power of language to solve business problems.



Maximize the business value of natural language data projects

Increase the effectiveness and productivity of taxonomy creation

Accelerate extraction rule development

Customize how you access and use the content that matters most

Achieve higher project quality & accuracy

Simplify knowledge enrichment based on your specific requirements