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Rabobank Extends the Scope and Scale of Unstructured Data Management by Leveraging Expert System’s Artificial Intelligence

5 December 2019

The Dutch bank improves its access to strategic information thanks to the cognitive capabilities of Cogito®, resulting in cost savings, increased efficiency and improved customer experience

One year after a partnership agreement with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Expert System, the international financial services provider Rabobank has successfully applied the advanced features of Cogito® for the analysis of large volumes of unstructured data. During this first stage of AI adoption, emails and other unstructured information streams have been automatically read, analyzed and automatically categorized. As a result, Rabobank has drastically improved efficiency and speed of processing while saving costs.

Artificial Intelligence is a key pillar of our digitalization programs,” said Tim Brands, Product Manager Content Services at Rabobank. “By leveraging Expert System’s cognitive capabilities, we can effectively access and understand unstructured information streams to improve and scale our operations while delivering an excellent customer experience.

To easily and accurately categorize strategic information trapped in business documents and digital customer interactions, Rabobank’s AI experts have leveraged Cogito in a fully integrated development environment. One example is the monitoring of email boxes of the Customer Service to automatically detect, correlate and classify relevant data. This way, Rabobank achieves large savings, increased quality of classification and extraction of business data and reduced time spent on each document while delivering a higher quality customer experience.

“We congratulate Rabobank for the excellent results they are achieving by taking full advantage of our unique and powerful cognitive AI,” said Alain Biancardi, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Expert System France & Benelux. “This further confirms that deploying custom AI-based text models through Cogito is key to extending the scope and effectiveness of process automation to “intelligent”, unstructured data-driven activities to improve customer service and operations.”