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How AI is Transforming the Legal Industry

How AI is Transforming the Legal Industry

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Few industries are as reliant on text-intensive data as the legal sector. Whether the data is needed for legal research, analytics or one of many other purposes, it all has one thing in common: it must be read, understood, categorized, and analyzed. Given the volume of data used by legal teams on a regular basis, processing it manually is simply unsustainable.

Legal professionals have steadily adopted artificial intelligence technologies in recent years, but few are leveraging the true benefits natural language understanding (NLU). Here, we discuss how AI-based natural language understanding can transform several key legal processes to save you both time and money…and improve the client experience as well.

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  • What natural language understanding is
  • What capabilities expert.ai technology enables for you
  • How AI-based NLU impacts key legal processes such as e-discovery